In order to show Facebook feeds in streams you have to get your Access Token, ID and App Secret key. You need to place them on Plugin settings page in corresponding fields.

Register new application

  1. Head over to and log in, if necessary.
  2. Register as developer. Otherwise you can not add your application and get tokens.
  3. Choose on the navigation bar Apps > Add a New App.
  4. Select Website.
  5. Type in any name of your App (eg. Flow Flow Plugin) and click Create New Facebook App ID.
  6. Choose category and click Create App ID.
  7. You will be redirected to the next page. Fill in URL of your site and click Next.
  8. Click Skip to Developer Dashboard. You can see now your newly created App on the Dashboard.
  9. Copy App ID. We will need it soon.

App ID

Paste your "App ID" on Plugin's authenticate settings page in Admin Panel.

Do not lose this ID, we still need it.

Get App Secret

  1. Simply click Show in the field "App Secret" and confirm your Facebook password.
  2. Copy revealed key and paste it on Plugin's authenticate settings page in Admin Panel.

Generating the Token

Please go to, find you newly created app and click need to grant permissions link in Access token row. That's it, copy your access token and paste in Flow-Flow admin.


You've just generated short-life token which will expire in one hour. This token is used by Flow-Flow app to get extended token from Facebook which is actually the token that will be used to pull data from API. Maximum lifetime of this extended token is 2 months so you need to re-authorize it after this or regenerate new.